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 Cookies are digital data packages that the Website stores on your hard drive. The cookies we use identify the user’s terminal devices (e.g. PC, mobile phone, tablet, etc.). A cookie is not a program and it does not contain a virus.

The Website stores cookies for the following purposes:
To improve the Website service and user benefits by generating web statistics
To provide services that give users access to the Mechantek extranet
In connection with product searches

If you do not wish Mechantek to identify your PC, mobile phone, tablet, etc., by setting cookies, you can disable cookies in your browser. See guidelines here:

Every time you visit the Website – regardless of whether there is a cookie or not – Mechantek registers the type of browser used by the user, the operating system, etc. of the pages, which the user wishes to access. This data is used in an accumulated anonymous report for use in statistical analysis of how the Website is generally used.

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