Smaller Footprint – Saves Space


Easy to install

Inline pumps are designed for ease of installation. Both flanges share a common centerline and size to simplify the installation process.The need for a base, coupling and coupling guard, and housekeeping pad is eliminated, thus reducing installation costs. Further, the motor position on the pump can be rotated to ease access to the electrical junction box.

Easy to maintain

The motor and pump assembly can be removed from the pump without disconnecting the pump casing from the piping. And because the impeller is mounted on the motor shaft, there is no coupling or need for field alignments. The pump contains no bearings and only one stuffing box, thus reducing the frequency and magnitude of servicing problems. Having only on stuffing box also reduces the water leakage by half.

Requires less space

With the motor mounted on top of the pump, rather than horizontal to the ground, vertical inline pumps require less floor space, making them ideal for both new construction and retrofit applications.